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Why Running?

Running – the most affordable sport. In order to engage in jogging, not necessarily to have special skills or knowledge. Running does not require specially equipped rooms, playgrounds and stadiums. To start running all you need is a desire and comfortable athletic shoes. With these simple attributes, you can run anywhere, even around his array of housing, even in a nearby park or at a school stadium.

Running: useful at any age

It has been repeatedly proven that jogging is useful for everybody, regardless of age. Regular exercise, jogging several times a week provide a constant load on the heart and lungs and gradually improve their functional capacity. Running has a great effect on the endocrine system of the body. It activates the metabolism, lowers blood levels of cholesterol. Systematic training is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, stroke, hypertension, myocardial infarction and other, equally serious, diseases. That’s why running is useful at any age.

Morning or Evening?

This is a question to which there is no single answer. It is best to run in the so-called peaks of human activity. The first of them in the period between 6 and 7 o’clock in the morning. At this time, the organism is best carries load. At the same time, many believe that jogging in the morning – this is an additional stress for the unprepared to stress body which has not yet been awakened. In addition, morning air accumulates greatest amount of harmful substances, which may damage your health. On the other hand, morning jog gives a person cheerfulness for the whole day, mobilizes the body, improves skin tone and improves the mood.

The ideal is the time from 11 to 12 hours of the day, but most runners is physically not possible to train at this time. Therefore, many prefer the evening hours – in order to relieve stress after a hard day’s work and secure a strong and healthy sleep.

There is a lot of supporters for the morning and evening run. Each of them can has a lot of arguments in favor of training at this time. Therefore, to determine the schedule of their activities, do not rely on someone else’s advice.

If you feel the urge to run around in the evening and in the morning you prefer to sleep in, choose an evening workout – either way you can not go wrong. What is important is to have a regular running time and the positive effect of the exercise will not take long.

Do You have to run every day?

Daily running is an ideal training process. If you are running every day at the same time, your body begins to take exercise for granted, quickly adapts to the load. But, unfortunately, with the rhythm of modern life is not everyone has the opportunity to devote time to daily training. The best way out of this situation – run three or four times a week.

If you are just starting to run, start with 15 minutes. Then gradually increase the time, bringing it up to 50-60 minutes. Training four times a week – a great way to improve your health and maintain good physical shape. Jogging less it is not recommended because you will only feel pain in the muscles of the sudden bursts of physical activity.

If daily exercise is a luxury for you, be sure to specify days of the week in which you will be engaged, and clearly follow this schedule – only systematic running can bring success.

Should You skip running during the cold?

Colds are often a hindrance to the regular training, creating unwanted interruptions in the training. In fact, jogging dangerous only during serious illnesses – sore throat with fever or flu. In this case skip training is not only possible but necessary.

If you have a banal cold, you can safely go the distance. It will only be a little more difficult to breath. If after a few workouts you feel discomfort, your condition becomes worse, check with your doctor – he will recommend, whether it is necessary to abandon the training or simply to reduce the load on the body.

So.. When should You run?

On the question of when to run, you can find a lot of answers that are radically different from each other. Therefore, a guide for you in the first place, should not be contradictory tips and tricks, and your own desire and physical condition. Listen carefully to your body, try to get into your biological rhythm, pick your personal peaks of activity and use it effectively. Only in this case your running will not only have  a health function, but also to bring a real pleasure.

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