Find out more about Polar company with SportWatchesTopShops

Learn more about Polar company. Find out its history, standarts and vision. Learn more about Polar products which were made to help you upgrade your training to a professional level. Brought by SportWatchesTopShops.

Find out more about Polar Company with SportWatchesTopShops

Find out more about Polar Company with SportWatchesTopShops

In 1975, the idea of a portable cardiomonitors was born right at the ski track. In those days there was no way to accurately measure the heart rate during a workout. After just over a year the company Polar was founded not far from the Finnish city of Oulu region. City which was known for its technological research and surrounded by some of the most difficult conditions in Europe. Experts quickly determined that this location is the perfect springboard for testing the possibilities of innovative Polar equipment.

In 1979 Polar filed its first application for a patent for wireless heart rate monitor, and in 1982 introduced to the public the world’s first wireless heart monitor. Polar desighned its monitor was designed to be worn, thus forever changing the training regimen of athletes. Now, after more than 30 years of the first wave of discoveries, the Polar company offers the most extensive range of products in the industry. From basic models that motivate and inform beginners and active amateur athletes, regular exercise, and ending with complex training system, designed for world champions in various sports.

Polar’s vision

Listen to your own body – is one thing, but to understand what he is telling us – is quite another matter. Polar products help to look deep into the workout. Polar also embodies all the experience in the field of sports, physiology and electronics, coupled with a deep understanding of customer needs. It is not surprising that Polar company always holds the leading position in the field of technological innovation and cardiomonitors since 1977.

At the same time, Polar caters for all levels of fitness system, presenting a comprehensive range of products, along with the necessary technical support and advice. Polar also stands with a variety of offerings: from raising the professional performance athletes to help people in the transition to a healthy lifestyle, rehabilitation and weight management.

The desire to be the best is supported by ambitious and highly talented professionals. People that believe in what Polar does today, as passionately as it was 30 years ago. Polar success is obvious. To date, Polar company offices scattered across the globe, 1,200 employees work. All products are manufactured in-house. In various parts of the globe, Polar have opened 26 branches and manage the distribution network. Network which consists of more than 35,000 retail stores in over 80 countries. That’s what we call the force that is behind Polar.

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