Garmin company

Garmin is founded on the principles of innovation, convenience, efficiency, quality and service. Founders Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao.

The idea of creating the Garmin company emerged in 1989 from a group of talented engineers gathered at the card table. In just a few years, the company has developed into a world-renowned company, which the state has thousands of employees. As in the beginning, the goal of Garmin is simple: the creation of equipment for navigation and communication, which can enrich the lives of our customers. Garmin creates innovative products are various areas, including automotive, aviation, marine, camping and sports equipment, as well as equipment for wireless applications.

As part of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), Garmin International company was an example of growth for all – consumers, employees, investors and retailers. The secret of its success is simple. From that moment on, as the company’s founders focused on selling their first product using a GPS system, the Garmin company surrounds itself with creative staff, devoted to the common cause.

The power of “Vertical Integration”

The prosperity of Garmin can be explained by the favorable conditions arising from vertical integration – they design, manufacture, supply to the market and sell their products on their own. In discussing the products are involved engineers, designers, testers, artists, authors of texts and sales staff

In addition, a considerable degree of Garmin’s success is due to investment in innovation. State only a few employees, who have launched the company in 1989, has grown up to 1,000 people in just 10 years. For four years, the number of employees has doubled, and by 2006, the company employs 4,000 people already. In 2007, the staff of Garmin exceeded 7,000.

Connection with the world

In developing its products, Garmin takes into account the interests of their customers. Getting rid of stress during navigation or travel begins with easy-to-use menus, logical options and intuitive features.

  • Car devices help drivers reach their destination effortlessly, enjoying the trip.
  • Marine equipment complement detailed maps, providing important data.
  • Aviation technology provides pilots with the necessary information.
  • Sports equipment make every step of your workout more effective.
  • Garmin devices for outdoor activities will become a reliable companion for hikers, hunters and lovers of geocaching.
  • Wireless applications allow you to use the GPS features in a smartphone.

The mentality of  Garmin

Garmin not only designs and sells products – Garmin covers your lifestyle. On the water, in the air, on the tourist route and driving staff Garmin personally delve into the features of aviation, marine, automotive, travel and sports equipment. Garmin is always thinking about how to improve sovyu products. You never know how the next great idea is born. But make no mistake – it is on its way.

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